Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

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1st Logo (2010?-2021)

Visuals: In an environment with mountains, trees, and a road running in the middle, a yellow film reel rolls down the road. The screen cuts to the other side which is a bustling city with power lines and large forests. Another film roll comes down and rolls to a large hole in the middle of the road. The two film rolls then dive down. The screen cuts to a view of between two mountains where the rolls come down and unroll before the background fades to white and the screen zooms in to the tails of the two rolls. The rolls then come together, which then give off a white flash. The screen flashes to a grey square with white borders on a darker grey background, as a Hebrew character zooms out with the yellow film roll texture, which moves over to some other Hebrew characters. The company name appears below in Hebrew in English. Below is a byline for the Israel Film Council in Hebrew and English. Film grain appears during the entire logo.

Variant: Two short versions exist. One starts when the film rolls come together and another one starts at the Hebrew character zooming out onto the square.

Technique: 3D animation with live action backgrounds and film grain.

Audio: A static sound followed by an orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Seen on a lot of Hebrew films from this period funded by them, such as Commandments and Sacred Sperm.

2nd Logo (April 6, 2021-)

Visuals: Similar concept to the last logo. The background of between two mountains is now simplistic. The film rolls then come down unroll albeit differently. They then come together as a yellow flash forms which forms a yellow line which heads upward and then forms a "G". Some Hebrew words and two yellow lines then slide out of the "G" as the company name fades in along with the Hebrew and Arabic translations. The yellow lines then stop and become borders.

Variant: A short version exists which starts just as the "G" is formed.

Technique: A hybrid of 2D and 3D.

Audio: A 3-note orchestral theme that is similar to the last logo. The short version has the closing theme.

Availability: Seen on any new movies and shows they have funded such as The Women's Balcony.

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