Georgian Television

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Georgian Television (now known as First Channel, also called 1TV) is a Georgian television channel owned and operated by Georgian Public Broadcasting, launched in 1956.

1st ID (1956-1960s)

The first three seconds of this video show footage of the ID

Visuals: Not much of the ident is known, but part of it consists of a radio tower transmitting a radio signal against a cloudy backdrop.

Technique: Appears to be traditional animation.

Audio: A majestic orchestral theme.

Availability: Only a partial recording of the ident is known to exist and appeared on a news program special.

2nd ID (November 1965?-1991)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a tri-colored satellite-looking symbol with the name's initials at the center of the satellite. Around the symbol is the Georgian and Russian translation of the television name (which both translate to Color Television of Georgia) forming a ring that has an opening at the end. The Georgian translation (საქართველოს ფერადი ტელევიზია) is at top of the symbol, which is curving around it, and at the bottom is the Russian translation (Цветное телевидение Грузии), which forms an opening of the ring. The logo then fades to black.

Technique: A still, printed image

Audio: An interval signal-like 7-note jingle, which repeats thrice.

3rd ID (1970s)

Visuals: Over a mountain landscape, there is a miniature statue of the Kartlis Deda in the middle with "თბილისი" on top and "ТБИЛИСИ" on the bottom, both of which translate to "TBILISI" and are in an arched format.

Technique: A still photo with text added via computer.

Audio: A xylophone jingle that echoes and repeats twice.

Georgian Television
First Channel
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