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1st Bumper (1964-1986)

Visuals: Same as the first two General Cinema "Feature Presentation" of the time, only the text "COMING ATTRACTIONS" replaces "FEATURE PRESENTATION".

Technique: Same as the first two General Cinema "Feature Presentation" of the time.

Audio: Same as the first two General Cinema "Feature Presentation" of the time.

Availability: Both versions appeared prior to trailers in General Cinemas of the time.

2nd Bumper (1986-1993)

Visuals: After a few seconds of black, the General Cinema text comes from the top center of the screen, with the GCC circle passing over it at the same time. After a few seconds, it fades out to reveal the text "Coming Attractions" in the center of the screen; the words then move into a left-tilted arrangement, before fly off the screen.

Variant: Sometimes, it cuts straight to the text appearing, which is replaced by "Also Showing at This Theatre". The music is the last note in the fanfare but in a different pitch.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A snare drumbeat is heard, miming the first General Cinema FP bumper. Then, a synth bass note then starts up, followed by a warbling synth hit, and a shorter version of the main logo's 6-note fanfare; the last note ends with a hit as the words fly away.

Availability: Appeared before trailers in General Cinemas of the time.

3rd Bumper (1993-1996)

Visuals: Three spotlights turn on a black background, and we slowly revolve around them, and as we pan up the beams of light is the "GCC" letters shimmering (formed out of light streaks). The lights turn off, and the letters stop shimmering and arrange themselves like before, with the moon sphere fading in behind it, along with the name; after a few seconds, the GCC letters flash, the name and moon disappear, and the GCC letters dissipate and turn into a lot of streaking comets, which turn themselves into the text "Coming Attractions", with lots of stars moving around in the BG.

Variant: Sometimes, it only see the comet part and "Also Showing at This Theatre" replaces the main text. The music is just the choir and swirling noises.

Technique: Unknown

Audio: A different version of the theme from the main bumper; the drumbeat is gone, a cymbal hit sounds when the logo flashes, and swirling noises and a choir are heard when the text appears.

4th Bumper (1996-2001)

Visuals: The screen fades in to see Popcorn Bob, the mascot of General Cinema, against a dark background with a light shining on him holding a pocket watch. He then looks around, apparently waiting for someone. He then nervously scratches his head and puts his watch away. He briefly looks dejected, before his girlfriend, Pepsi Sue, emerges from off-screen. They both briefly look nervous, before walking arm-in-arm, as the background lightens to reveal a General Cinema multiplex of the era, with the marquee above reading "Now Featuring: The Candy Band". The camera then pans up, away from Bob and Sue, towards the GCC logo atop the multiplex, arranged horizontally with two stars with lighted trails above it, while a pair of spotlights wave behind it in the background. The camera focuses on the GCC symbol and everything else surrounding it fades away, as the background becomes some sort of shifting blue/black particles (possibly intended to be a starfield) and the General Cinema name fades underneath the GCC symbol. After a few seconds, "comets" (much like the last bumper) emerge from the logo, causing it to turn into blue particles, while the comets travel towards the center of the screen. When that happens, the gold words "Coming Attractions" flash into existence, and sit there for a few seconds before they flash again, as the comets reappear and the words also become blue particles

Technique: CG from ILM.

Audio: During the part with Popcorn Bob, a jazzy, piano-based piece is used, which then transitions to an orchestral piece like the parent bumper, with tympanis, a rapid series of orchestral notes when the GCC logo is focused on, swirling noises from the comets, an orchestral hit when "Coming Attractions" appears, and more swirling noises plus a fade-out when the text disappears.

5th Bumper (2001-2002)

Visuals: On a black background, a grey film canister with the General Cinema logo on it shines in at a diagonal angle with the text below. As it begins to shine out, Popcorn Bob appears to fill the screen. He places his hand to his ear (leaning towards the right side of the screen) then makes a "Shhhh!" motion from left to right, then points at the center of the screen and gives a smile of approval. He then looks upward and reaches for the clapperboard dog, successfully catching it. The Clapperboard dog flips around to reveal the text "Coming Attractions". Popcorn Bob turns back toward the audience as the clapperboard dog closes and reopens its top, then both duck off the screen.

Technique: Traditional animation by Cinema Concepts.

Audio: Various moviegoers noises, a "Shhh" sound, and cartoon sound effects. The last few notes of the General Cinema Feature Presentation theme can be heard at the end.

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