GTRK Dalnevostochnaya

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GTRK Dalnevostochnay (GTRK Far Eastern) is the state regional broadcaster of the Far East region of Russia. Its main broadcasting area is in Khabarovsk.

1st ID (1992-1995)

Visuals: There is a still blue sky and a CG animated bird flying at the center. After some seconds, a spark draws a red line behind the flying bird, and a purple cubic shape rotates down above it. The red line forms part of "TP", and the remaining part of the "T" draws in, while the spark segues into drawing a "K" next to it, forming "TPK". The cubic shape settles behind as another spark draws in an arc, with the same red color and white border. "ДАЛЬНЕВОСТОЧНАЯ" types in from white to black, as the background changes to a plain blue color by wiping in.

Technique: 3DCG animation.

Audio: An instrumental synth score (probably part of a song, but it is unknown).

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