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Future Classic is an Australian independent record label, artist management team, touring agency, and music publisher that was founded at Sydney, New South Wales in 2004 by Nathan Mclay and Jay Ryves as a small DIY collective project. The label is currently the home to Flume, Flight Facilities, Ta-ku, Jagwar Ma, Seekae, Panama, Hayden James, Basenji, Jonti, Wafia, Touch Sensitive, Bus Vipers, and many others.

Logo (November 3, 2006-)

Visuals: On a black background, there are the words "future classic." written in a fancy-like font.


  • On the music video of "Blackness of The Sea" by Deepchild, two URLs (namely the official artist website of Deepchild and the official website of Future Classic) can be seen below the logo.
  • On the music video of "Pizza Guy" by Touch Sensitive, the logo is superimposed below the rear window of the Ferrari 400i (which is the vehicle that was used in the video).
  • On the music video of "Rock U Tonite" by Wave Racer, a stacked version of the logo is displayed on a grey background.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None or the closing notes of the music video or the ending theme of the documentary.

Availability: The logo can be seen at the end of some Future Classic music videos and promotional videos posted on YouTube, which not all of the music videos and promotional videos from the label have this logo. The logo can also be seen at the end of the two documentaries, Flume: When Everything Was New and Sleepless: The Story Of Future Classic. Both of these documentaries were originally released on Apple Music, which they were later uploaded to YouTube a year after their release.

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