Fuji Fun Time

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Logo (1998-200?)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue neon tube swoops by. It zooms out to reveal a glass marquee, as some glass searchlights pass by. The FCI logo follows the blank marquee as it turns to face the camera. The FCI logo stops moving and quickly wipes down to reveal the green gradient text "Fuji Fun Time" in Rogliano Bold.

Trivia: The marquee footage is actually a stock background from the stock effects company Cascom, which explains he bad superimposement for the FCI logo. This particular background is called "Neon Marquee", and was created in 1994. This version can be seen [here.]

Variants: Sometimes, the FCI logo and Fuji Fun Time texts are swapped.

Technique: CGI by Cascom, mixed with 2D digital graphics.

Audio: An abridged version of the stock music piece "A Minute Groove" by Terry Devine-King from the Hudson Music Library.

Availability: Seen before and after anime (such as Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Kuma no Putaro) shown on the now-defunct International Channel (now AZN Television).

Legacy: Due to its obscurity, the logo was available in an incomplete state online for years, until the full logo and its variant were found by Practic in 2024.

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