Fu Ngai Film Production Co., Ltd.

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Fu Ngai Film Production Co., Ltd. was a Hong Kong film production label founded in 1988. They produced only 2 films. For further info, see HKMDB for more information.

Logo (December 8, 1988, 1989)

Visuals: There is a golden pieces of 2 F's sliding, which we see a pieces of diamond, which then slides and then flashes, forming the Fu Ngai Film Production logo. The logo then zooms out to make room for the Chinese characters in red. The Chinese letters (in red) zooms out letter-by-letter with a trailing effect, which then flashes twice, syncing with the music. The English company name (in yellow and in humanist font) then zooms in with a yellow/pale yellow trail effect, then the logo finishes.

Variant: The short version has the English text zooming out with a trailing effects, which then continues at normal, Also, the logo stands for 3/4 seconds at the end. This might be having due to a bad tape, due to the video quality.

Technique: Backlit cel animation.

Audio: A loud-whooshes, then a "BANG!" effect when the logo forming, and then a synth-tune theme which is heard in the logo, as it does so, a "BANG!" is heard when the text flashes, and then a synth-tune warbling sound is heard at the end.

Audio Variant: The short version has the logo zooming out, which continues at normal (see below) and the music was little pitched.

Availability: It was a short-lived company. Was spotted on the movie China White. The shortened version was seen on the VHS trailer of Set Me Free.

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