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Fox Home Video was a Malaysian home entertainment company incorporated on August 2, 1993. It is not affiliated with the Fox Broadcasting Company or 20th Century Studios.

Logo (1996)

Visuals: Against a black background, the camera zooms towards a bubble made up of flashing lights, before the scene fades to a shot of the camera zooming towards a galaxy as it passes by many stars and blue dust particles. The text reading "FOX" with huge cuts through it horizontally zooms in as it flips multiple times, before settling above the center of the screen. The company's slogan in a cursive font, reading "Entertainment With A Heart" fades in under the text. Then, the text "FOX HOME VIDEO (M) SDN BHD" appears under the slogan letter by letter. As the camera gets closer to the galaxy, another set of dust particles appear above the logo, and many rising asteroids appear at the bottom half of the background.

Technique: CGI for the background, computer animation for the logo and the full company name, and fading effects for the slogan.

Audio: A sixteen-note majestic tune.

Availability: Seen on the 14 Buah Lagu Video CD Karaoke Melayu VCD.

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