Fly Video Productions

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Logo (1980's)

Visuals: On a blue gradient background, there is a purple cartoon fly flies in the spiral motion leaving the rainbow trail, and as close as it reaches the center of the screen, it unfolds into a white film-reel and spins while the rainbow spiral goes in the film reel like filmstrips. While the film reel spins with the rainbow inside it, it flips the colors of holes and the body of the film reel and turns the background teal and back twice, then the cartoon fly from before comes out from behind the movie reel and goes off screen to the top-right. Then it cuts to the fly flying and making a turn against the sky blue gradient background and pauses. Finally, a TV-tube shape zooms out revealing an orange background with the words "fly" in a script font and "video productions" in 2 lines next to it.

Technique: Cel-animation.

Audio: A synthesized Vangelis-esque fanfare in E minor, which may be a production music.

Availability: Appears on Greek videotapes of films like Ants! (1977), Wild Horses, The Return of Frank Cannon, and The White Lions, among others.

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