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Floricica was a Moldovan animation studio founded in 1967 by Victoria Barbă. Known as the first cartoon studio in the country, the company produced around fifty shorts by 1997, some of which were for Moldova-Film.

1st Logo (1981)

Visuals: Against a black backdrop, there is a little, ginger girl with a large purple bow on her head. She is holding two objects: a huge paintbrush and the company name formatted like this:


The child is sitting on the left side of the screen, next to several stylized and colorful flowers made up of ten petals. From left to right, they are coloured dodger blue, green, gold, hot pink, and purple.

Technique: A still, cut-out image filmed by a camera.

Audio: None.

Availability: Its only known appearance was on Ждем Вас весной. Most of their releases from the period either only have the Moldova-Film logo or just an in-credit notice.

2nd Logo (1983)

Visuals: On a black canvas, a flower from the previous logo is shown changing colors while on the bottom centre of the screen. Over it, the company name from before in a large size fades in and appears for a few seconds before vanishing. The flower's hues continue to shift while in an unfixed position for the rest of the logo.

Technique: Cut-out stop motion.

Audio: None.

Availability: Like before, it is so far known to have appeared on old prints of И ту любовь тебе дарю. Newer releases of said cartoon plaster this with the next logo.

3rd Logo (1984-1990)

Visuals: A sixteen leaf yellow flower covers up the screen with multiple copies of it in the centre. Unlike the largest duplicate, the ones inside have shorter petals and range from gold to red the smaller they are. In a fixed pattern, the flowers change colors from yellow to red before resetting the process.

The background suddenly pauses when the logo appears. It consists of a stylized, large, and white "Ф", made up of an ear on its top, a swirl in its counter, and a warped circle. Overlapping the letter is the rest of the company's name with just a white outline. "Л" and "Ч" have long, curved tails with the latter's overlapping the "Ф". Underneath the logo is the text "НАРОДНАЯ ПИОНЕРМУЛьТФИЛьМ-СТУДИЯ".


  • An early variant features a different logo, featuring the company name in a fancy, serif font set to a brown colour.
  • From 1987 to 1989, another logo unlike the one mentioned in the normal sequence was used: the company name is in a stylized, retro font with the "Ф" having the appearance of a flower and "НАРОДНАЯ ПИОНЕРМУЛьТФИЛьМ-СТУДИЯ", now centred, is placed over the logo.
    • On Возвращение, the logo is positioned on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the logo's last years, the text now appears like this:

  • On Если б Генералы всей Земли..., the backdrop continues to move while the logo is already shown on the screen.
  • On Сотвори, мальчишка, чудо!, the logo is shortened.
  • On И плясали в эту ночь звезды, the logo is slightly bigger.
  • On modern releases of И ту любовь тебе дарю, the bottom text is shortened to just "НАРОДНАЯ МУЛьТФИЛьМ-СТУДИЯ".
  • On Allo Laplandia, the logo design from the next logo is shown with the addition of the name in Cyrillic, matching the appearance of the 1989 variant.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: The opening theme of the cartoon plays over, sometimes with an announcer reading the company name.

Audio Variant: On Если б Генералы всей Земли..., there is a harp glissando.

Availability: It appears on many Moldovan animated short films from the mid to late 1980's. Some notable shorts that use the normal logo include Если б Генералы всей Земли..., Возвращение, and Сотвори, мальчишка, чудо. The 1987 variant was seen on Подари тепло and Возвращение while the 1989 version appears on Откуда приходят дожди, Очарованный странник, and Космическая фантазия. Most of these shorts are found on the 30 свечей счастья VHS release and have this logo intact. Outside of said source and original film prints, there is not much information on where else these shorts can be found. This is considering the studio is unknown outside of Moldova and some former Soviet republics such as Russia.

4th Logo (1990-1993)

Visuals: Against a black surface, a series of sixteen leaf flowers with pointy petals appear, stacked over one another as they come into view from largest to smallest. In order, the colours for the flowers are green, blue, hot pink, pink, dark red, purple, brown, gold, green, and dark green. After this sequence, the following text fade in:

Studioul de filme
-----de animație
-----pentru copii

The company name is in a bold and fancy cursive font.


  • There is a later variant that moves the flowers fade-in sequence from the centre to the top left corner. The color palette is also altered where the largest flowers are blue and the text is positioned near the top right.
    • On 30 свечей счастья, after the flower sequence is complete, it freezes and the text mentioned in the normal logo fades in. However, it is in italics, Helvetica font, has a white colour, black outline, and shadow facing the right, and the company name is white and inside a purple box. Additionally, "AO Metacomimpex" is underneath the company name.
  • On Morning's Tale, a stick drawing of a little girl is shown in between the upper text and company name.
  • On В Бирюзовом море остров, the top text now reads "Studioul popular pentru copii de filme cu desene animate".
  • On Cintec Fără cuvinte, the logo appears during the opening credits.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: The opening theme of the cartoon plays over, accompanied with an announcer reading the company name.

Availability: The logo made its earliest appearance on В Бирюзовом море остров and was later seen on Alo, eu vă Ascult! and Iepurasul din Ianuarie. The later variant is seen on shorts released in 1993 such as Думай о хорошем.

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