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Logo (November 1, 1991-February 11, 1993)

Visuals: On a moving starfield background, a shiny outlined symbol consisting of a rounded "S" and an "I" intersecting within it appears via flash and zooms in for a few seconds. Once it stops, a spark appears in the middle, which causes the dot of the "I" to appear on top, the shines to dissipate, and the symbol to become colorized, with the "S" becoming red, and the "і" becoming yellow. Another spark flashes within the dot, as 2 sets of arched text wipe in around the symbol, the right side being "СОЦИАЛЬНЫЕ ИНИЦИАТИВЫ" and the left being the English translation. Once they all appear, the company's name:


fades in underneath the symbol. Lastly, the colors within the symbol disappear and the symbol slowly zooms in towards the camera.

Variant: On Заговор Скурлатаев, the "S" and the "I" is already formed, and both of the letters colorize simultaneously.

Technique: A mix of analog computer animation and backlit cel animation.

Audio: A majestic synth fanfare with a dramatic ending.

Availability: Seen on Джокер and Заговор Скурлатаев.

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