Flora Film

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1st Logo (October 19, 1949)

Visuals: On a grey background, there is a realistic sketch of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, standing right behind a thick black box that contains "FLORA" in a curvy font taking half of the space, and on top of a black rectangle containing a huge "FILM".

Technique: A painting filmed by a camera.

Audio: None.

Availability: Only seen on Il bacio di una morta.

2nd Logo (October 7, 1975-September 28, 1990)

Visuals: On a blue background, an outlined sketch of Flora but now with her flower on her left hand slowly zooms in the middle, stopping after a few seconds. A golden line draws around Flora, forming a thin golden box surrounding the top half of Flora, followed by "FLORA", now in red and in the same format as the previous logo wiping in within the top part the box. Another golden line draws around Flora's feet, creating a thin golden rectangular box, which causes "FILM" in the same style but in red to wipe in the same fashion, forming an outlined and colorized version of the previous logo. "presenta" then wipes in the bottom-right corner of the box.

Variant: After 1982, in-credit variants were now being used at the end of the company's films, where the company's logo colored white is scrolling upwards with a text notice displayed underneath either saying "A FLORA FILM", or "A FLORA FILM PRODUCTION".

  • On Terminator II, the logo and text notice are in red.
  • On Nato per combattere, there is no text notice at all.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An exciting synthesized orchestral fanfare.

Availability: The standard variant was spotted on Il vizio di famiglia and Pierino la peste alla riscossa, whilst the in-credit variant is more common, considering it had appeared on end credits in most of Flora's films starting from 1983 up until 1990, including Zombi 3, Robowar - Robot da guerra, Cop Game, Terminator II, Zombi 4, and Nato per combattere.

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