Firman Mercu Alam Film

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Logo (May 13, 1987-1992)

Visuals: On a space background, there is a metallic orange "FMA" zooming out with a trailing effect; which flashes. "FMA" then shines 2 times, and "P.T. FIRMAN MERCU ALAM FILM" zooms out below with a blue trail effect, which then flashes and then turns into a soild color.

Technique: Backlit animation.

Audio: A stock whoosh, then a stock music track from the KPM library, which is called "Prestige Logo (1)" by Paddy Kingsland. This track is most notably used on the Rene Malo Video logo as well as several Hong Kong logos. Sometimes, on the HD restored version, it's silent.

Availability: Spotted on some films, examples include Rhoma Irama's Bunga Desa and Misteri dari Gunung Merapi, which is now found on VHS and aired on IMC and MNCTV airings.

Firman Abadi Film Production
Firman Mercu Alam Film
Gentabuana Paramita
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