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Filmways Australasian Distributors Pty. Ltd. was a film distributor that focused on releasing foreign and independent films from the late 1970s to early 1980s. They have no affiliation with the American company of the same name.

Logo (1971-Early '80s)

Visuals: A filmstrip containing the letter "f" in stained glass, along with "ilmways" seen in a different font in italics, which is on the side of the filmstrip and is also on stained glass, is seen on a black background, with the filmstrip appearing to be shining light. "Released by" is on the top of "ilmways" and on the bottom is "Australasian Distributors Pty, Ltd". "PARIS - MELBOURNE - LONDON - NEW YORK",all appear on the bottom, each location having a respective color before having their colors fade to white. After everything is in place, everything disappears except for the company name, which is in white on a black background. The logo zooms back and fades out.

Technique: Backlit cel animation.

Audio: A bluesy jazz piano theme.

Availability: Seen only on films from the company and maybe seen on Filmways Home Video tapes. One of these films include The Superbug Rally.

Logo (1982-1986)

Visuals: Same as the home video logo of the time, except instead of the "Home Video" text, the phrase "Australasian Distributors" appears along with a drawing of Australia (in white) to its left.

Technique: Same as the home video logo.

Audio: Same as the home video logo.

Availability: Seen on theatrical prints of films released by/through Filmways in Australia (and possibly also New Zealand) during the mid-1980s like Videodrome.

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