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Favorit-Film (Фaворит-Фильм) is a Russian company created in 2003 to produce television series. It has already made numerous well-known (in Russia) series, along with a pair of "big" films. In later years, Favorit-Film was involved in a venture with Central Partnership.

1st Logo (December 4, 2003-2005)

Visuals: A white horse is racing onto the hilltop. Then it stops and rears, letting out a loud whinny. The sunlight at the background gathers to a pink hemisphere and the word "ФАВОРИТФИЛЬМ" zooms out in red and shines. The text "ПРОДЮСЕРСКИЙ ЦЕНТР" ("PRODUCTION CENTER") fades in below in white.

Variant: In 2004, the logo was enhanced to include a different sunrise. The word "ФИЛЬМ" is colored in soft yellow and the horse runs for a longer time.

Technique: CGI and 2D animation.

Audio: A shortened version of the "Scary" variation of "Dramatic Logo 2" (the same music used in the 1998 Plastic Wax, 1999 Rhino Home Video and 2002 Eureka Multimedia logos [the latter logo lacks the slam sound]) accompanied by galloping sounds, followed by a trumpet and drum fanfare starting with the rising harp, with the horse whinnying. The enhanced variant has the music played in full.

Availability: Seen on many TV series produced at the time. Can be seen in other countries as the company production is on sale there. The original version was only used on Подари мне жизнь (Give Me Life).

2nd Logo (October 22, 2007-)

Visuals: A golden thread appears on the blue starfield. Then it rushes to the left, changing scenes, and creates a rearing horse outline, which then fills in gold and shines. The name with the hilltop also fades in below in a splash of light. The shine appears on the horse hoof.


  • The upline "PRODUCTION BY" (in Russian) was made in white letters before 2009.
  • The still variant has the compressed upline made in the same font as the name.
  • There is a upline-less version used in the big movies.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A different, somewhat gloomy orchestral fanfare. None for the still version.

Availability: The early version was seen on Kapkan. The logo without upline was used on the full movie Looser. The still version with newer upline was seen in Wolf Messing, which was airing in the First Channel.

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