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FOX Music Cinema is a recording studio located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is not affiliated with the Fox Broadcasting Company or 20th Century Studios.

1st Logo (2015-2016)

Visuals: The logo would vary depending on the movie:

  • Unknown source: Almost the same as the final logo of 20th Century Fox, except the screen fades into the top aerial view of the FOX Music Cinema structure, there are no carved lines in the structure. "HOLLYWOOD" is replaced with "UZBEKISTAN", and "A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY" is replaced with "TAQDIM ETADI". All of the text is set in Century Gothic.
  • To'qlikka Sho'xlik: Same as before, but matted into the cinematic widescreen aspect ratio, making "TAQDIM ETADI" and the "X" in "FOX" cut off.
  • Qilmish qidirmish: Same as To'qlikka Sho'xlik, but instead of being matted to the cinematic aspect ratio, it is stretched to that ratio.
  • Ayriliq 2: Same as the original version, however there's no fade-in.

Technique: CGI allegedly done via Cinema 4D.

Audio: An ethereal ambient theme with vocals, which is taken from the soundtrack of Tsotsi.

Availability: Seen on the aforementioned films above.

2nd Logo (March 23, 2016)

Visuals: The metallic text "FOX" spins out in front of a spotlight background, while a "C" settles in below and the rest of the words "MUSI" and "INEMA" come out from the sides. All of the letters have a gold bordering. "FOX" then spins to the right, revealing an engraved filmstrip while the completed logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Metallic whooshing sounds.

Availability: Spotted on Soddagina qiz.

3rd Logo (2020-)

Visuals: Similar to the first logo, but with a recreation of the 1994 20th Century Fox logo instead. The text on the structure is mostly similar, reading "FOX" at the top, "MUSIC" at the middle, and "CINEMA" below, and a musical note to the right of "MUSIC" and "CINEMA", which is smaller to accommodate it.

Technique: CGI, possibly done on After Effects.

Audio: A mellow electronic theme played mostly on a piano, backed by synth beats.

Availability: Seen on Bo'ron ko'tarilmoqda and Akula hujumi haqidagi dahshatli film.

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