European Video Corporation

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Logo (1981-1985?)

Visuals: Against a white background, there is the text "(c) EUROPEAN VIDEO CORP." with "NIJKERK THE NETHERLANDS" below that, both in a blocky yellow font. Below that is a scrolling strip of blue ticker (like the one used on news programs to present extra information) with several of the words "!!! EVC PRESENTS" written on it, in the same color and font. After a few seconds, it cuts to some random stock sports footage, eventually ending with a dual-bordered white rectangle with "EVC", in a "segmented" black font, zooming up, and the sports footage zooming out in the top right of the screen.

Variant: There is a variant that skips the first part altogether, and instead opts for a large blue ticker with "E.V.C. PRESENTS !!!." in a different yellow font, which scrolls throughout.

Technique: Live-action mixed with early computer effects.

Audio: A rather dreamy string tune plays on the first screen, and a jazzy disco tune with horns, bass & percussion plays during the sports footage.

Availability: Seen on many old tapes from the UK, Netherlands, and possibly some other countries too.

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