Estudios De Animación ICAIC

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Founded in 1960, this is Cuba's most important animation studio.

3rd Logo (Late 2000s-)

Visuals: On a table with a paper, the face of a little guy is being drawn; when it finishes a blue filmstrip passes by, making the paper and the guy's head disappear; as a red hand holds the filmstrip, the camera moves, revealing that is the little guy (now in red), below the filmstrip, the words "Estudios De Animación ICAIC" (in red and blue) fade in.

Variant: Normally a print version is used.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: First, the sounds of drawings; then a 3-note tune at the end.

Availability: The normal version is used in some of the new shorts made by the company (but the 2nd logo is more common) most notably "El Conejito Majadero", while the print version is more common and it's seen at the end credits of some of the shorts; it also appears on trailers for "Tom Little" (the movie itself uses the 2nd logo).

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