Emerald Films Española, S.A.

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Logo (1990?)

Visuals: On a blue space background, there are three yellow searchlights. Various cartoon drawings of an emerald (as shown nearly the same in the Emerald Video Home logo) start zooming in in various places. Then, one of the emeralds then zoom to the middle. It starts to glow as the entire logo goes darker then goes back in, with the searchlights now omitted. A small white vortex starts emitting in front of the emerald which then turns into a 4-pointed star, then turning into a thin horizontal bar that forms the text "Emerald Films Española, S.A." in the Harlow Solid typeface.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A deep 2-note synth tune with soft percussions which then segues into a rising bombastic fanfare with a bang.

Availability: Seen only on Spanish prints of Ski Patrol and Men at Work, which both of them are long gone outside of the country.

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