Ela Entertainment, Inc.

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Logo (1980's)

Visuals: On a black background, the white text "distributed by" in Times New Roman fades in, remaining on screen for a second before fading out. It then cuts to a close of a wheel made from white "ela"'s in the same font, rotating rapidly clockwise as it zooms out to the left. It also shows a small break in the wheel. As it zooms out, the yellow text "ela" appears one by one in a strange yellow font. Eventually, the wheel slows to a halt with the break in the wheel on the right, of which 2 more "ela"'s appear, straightening out to the text ""entertainment, inc."

Technique: Possible chroma-keyed model work for the spinning "ela"'s, and cel animation for the rest.

Audio: A chiptune theme plays throughout, where a warble synth plays when it starts zooming out, and a ascending synth note plays when the wheel stops turning.

Availability: It was seen on reprints of Herself The Elf.

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