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Egmont Entertainment was a Danish film/home entertainment company owned by the Egmont Group. It provided Norwegian, Scandinavian and Nordic distribution for films and home video releases. Between 1992 and 2004, Egmont was largely focused on foreign film distribution and international productions while Nordisk Film was used for domestic production. Egmont went dormant in 2004; from then on, Nordisk Film would be used for both domestic and foreign production and distribution. Egmont Group, however, is still active.

1st Logo (1985-1994)

Visuals: On a gray background, a giant black circle zooms out to the center, with a blue light passing over it to reveal a gray colored map of the Scandinavian countries (minus Iceland) with latitude and longitude lines, with a shadow underneath. The globe keeps sparkling until the sparks fly out to form the Egmont logo (consisting of the word "EGMONT" in a very '80s Macy's-esque font, with the "E" and "T" connected via a line made to look like a square) via a yellow flash, and then, a pink comet shoots along the bottom to reveal "AUDIO-VISUAL-GROUP". Finally, one of the following things happens:

  • The map transforms into the word "Film" in a cursive font and colored black, transforming the gray background into hot magenta.
  • A thick blue border grows around the logo and transforms into a white/blue box, cut diagonally from the upper right to lower left corners, and the text "TRANS WORLD" on it in a tall Arial font. The text is light red in the white section, and white in the blue section. The background also transforms into black.

The logo remains on screen for a few more seconds before fading out.

Variant: At the beginning of tapes, the logo would become embossed on a different-colored background (pink for Egmont Film, brown for Trans World) and a warning screen would fade in the language the tape was released in. In the early years, the warning itself would also scroll up.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: An upbeat synth-disco tune with a "whoosh" at the beginning. This is an excerpt from "Victory" by Steve Martin from the Match Music library.

Availability: Seen on old PAL tapes throughout Scandinavia. One example might be a Swedish tape of Bamse (a popular Swedish cartoon) or a Norwegian tape of Sesam Stasjon (Norway's co-production of Sesame Street, literally meaning "Sesame Station"), possibly with NRK's logo (and the CTW "Sparks" logo) coming after.

2nd Logo (1993-2004)

Visuals: Against a blue marble background, a yellow square, a spinning blue circle (with part of it broken open), and a green "L" zoom out, and at the same time, a red square and blue dot zoom in, forming a face at the left of the screen. The face fades out a bit, and some copyright warning text scrolls up a la BFS Video. The face fades back in, and the texts "EGMONT" and "FILM" or "ENTERTAINMENT AB" (in white) zoom out to the bottom from both sides of the screen. The left eye of the face (the red circle) winks.


  • A still version of this logo sometimes appeared, either with the name or a URL.
  • A short version has the logo starting after the warning screen ends.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A techno tune plays during the warning screen, with a descending synth whoosh playing at the beginning (where the logo forms) and the end of the logo. A ding is heard when the face winks. On earlier releases, the tune would have a different ending with no whoosh, although the ding remained.

Availability: Easier to find, seeing as it's more recent. [Examples?]

3rd Logo (2000-2004)

Visuals: In a starfield with lens flares everywhere, a blue paintbrush streak moves about like a ribbon. A green one and a red one follow suit, and the background slowly turns black before the ribbons form up the logo. The square is then formed by four yellow lines with a dot appearing which turns out to be the same Egmont face from the previous logo, and the text


appears below in a stacked form.


  • A still version of this logo sometimes appeared on films.
  • There is another version where the word "EGMONT" is below the face with "presents" appearing underneath the text.
  • For international releases, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" has been replaced with "INTERNATIONAL"

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Either silence or a futuristic techno tune with several whirring sound effects, among others.

Availability: Appeared on several later Nordic VHSs and DVDs, as well as Norwegian film prints of films such as I Am Dina and Quicksand.

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