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1st Logo (1976-January 3, 1983)

Visuals: It consists of the letters "efc" connected together, with the text "EDUCATIONAL FILM CENTER" next to it, stacked horizontally. Below them is the text "THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA EDUCATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION", stacked horizontally as well.


  • Give & Take episodes have the logo start on-screen, before zooming out to reveal three pairs of text. One of the pairs is "PRODUCED BY" above.
  • The Heart of Teaching episodes have the logo superimposed over a pair of screens. This time, "efc" is outlined, and "THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA EDUCATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION" is shifted down.
  • Thinkabout and On The Level episodes have a lavender background with the logo surrounded between two bars. "THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA EDUCATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION" is slightly small and shifted upper.
  • Trade-offs episodes have the logo in blue fade in and out later in a black background.

Technique: A still superimposed graphic.


  • Give & Take: A male announcer says: "This program was produced by, the Educational Film Center".
  • The Heart of Teaching, Thinkabout and On The Level: The ending theme of the show.
  • Trade-offs: A male announcer says: "This program was produced by EFC, Educational Film Center, The Northern Virginia Educational Telecommunications Association.".

Availability: Seen at the end of some episodes of Give & Take, On The Level, Thinkabout, Trade-offs, The Heart of Teaching, among others.

2nd Logo (December 12, 1982-1993, 2011-2012)

Visuals: On a blue space background, a gold bar zooms out to the middle of the screen (a la the MCA Videodisc logo) containing text that says "A PRODUCTION OF". Then, the letter "e" flashes in, followed by the letter "f", with the line sticking down, and the letter "c" after the previous letter, which is the same EFC logo from before. The three letters make the gold bar and the text disappear. As all the letters flash in, the logo glows and shines.

Variant: On Tax Whys, the logo, only with the yellow text "efc" is seen on a black background.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A "whoosh" as the bar sweeps up and three synth bells as the letters flash.

Availability: Seen on some old and 2011-2012 Annenberg/CPB programs such as the beginning of Powerhouse, Economics U$A, and Tax Whys.

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