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In 1984, after William Blinn was fired from his series Fame after the third season when it was moved to syndication from NBC after the second season, William Blinn had set up its own production company at Lorimar Productions, named Echo Cove Productions, named after one of the places Blinn visited. He produced his first series Bridges to Cross, and would later reunite with Jerry Thorpe in Our House and Aaron's Way. He continued by producing Disney telefilms, and several short-lived shows until 1996, even after the renaming to Dauphine Productions.

Logo (October 18, 1987-June 20, 1996)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a black painting of lakeside scenery, complete with mountains in the background and a full moon, whose rays are shining down on the lake (the whole scenery appears to be enclosed in an invisible frame, as shown from the bottom left edge). Below are the words "Echo Cove Productions" and below is "in association with".


  • Sometimes, the logo is in a slightly lighter shade and the lake ripples roughly.
  • On Shaughnessy: The Iron Marshall, the logo is filmed and slowed down.

Technique: Cel animation.


  • A 7 note ascending piano sounder, with strings held out throughout.
  • Oftentimes, it's silent or uses the closing theme of the show.
  • Shaughnessy: The Iron Marshall and the Davy Crockett telemovies has descending chimes, followed by a choir-like synth note and a synth drone. A quiet, shortened version of this theme would later be used for Dauphine Productions.

Availability: Seen on a number of TV movies, such as Eight is Enough: A Family Reunion, The Absent-Minded Professor (the 1988 remake) and both Polly films. Also seen on TV shows, like The Boys of Twilight and the short-lived Heaven Help Us, among others.

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