East Asia (H.K.) Film Co.

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Logo (March 1, 1978-May 14, 1981)

Visuals: There is a tri-striped color including red, white and blue forming a "Ea", it then zooms out to make room for the company name. The English text in yellow serif font and Chinese characters (written backwards) then wipes in from left to right.

Variant: There is a full version of the logo, where the lowercase "a" starts to draw, then "E" draws next to the "a"; As it does, the logo then zooms in and the logo continues at normal.


  • Original: Motion-controlled animation. (due to cut-out logo was used in old videotapes).
  • Full: The "a" drawing, then the "E" draws and extending next to the logo.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare (which is used as Golden Tripod Film Co. logo).

Availability: The full version was seen only on Kung Fu Kids Break Away (1980) while 2 others to go was found on Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis (1978, first film) and Money Is Lovely (錢搵錢, 1981).

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