Eagle Force Productions

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Eagle Force Productions was the video production label of the paramilitary religious cult "Aggressive Christian Missionary Training Corps" (ACMTC), which was created by James and Deborah (formerly Lila) Green in 1981. James and Deborah refered to themselves as "The Generals". In 2018, both James and Deborah were imprisoned on charges related to child abuse.

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: The camera slowly zooms out of a photograph of a bald eagle surrounded by a circle with the text "EAGLE FORCE PRODUCTIONS", the E in "FORCE" has a wing. Then, the screen fades to black, the title card fades in, with "EAGLE FORCE" written in large text at the top and "Productions" in smaller text underneath.

Technique: A still image was printed and a camera was pointed at it.

Audio: Military training chants and drumming. A young male member of the ACMTC can be heard saying "The only saviour of mankind and commander of Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps. Around the World and around the clock, the soldiers of A.C.M.T.C. are fighting to rescue those trapped in darkness and set free the captives of the chains of sin."

Availability: Seen on "Aggressive Christianity 101".

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