Eagle Film Production Ltd.

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Eagle Film Production Ltd. was a film company from Hong Kong.

Logo (December 10, 1987-January 1, 1991)

Visuals: Parts of a Chinese character wipe in and disappear quickly top to bottom. Then there is a large flash when the bottom right area of the character forms. After the flash, the character is fully formed and "EAGLE FILM PRODUCTION CO." in yellow text fades in, with the name in Chinese above it in pink. The text then shines.

Trivia: The logo reads 鷹 (Yin/Eagle).

Technique: 2D cel animation.

Audio: Uses a stock music from Irish Video (a proud orchestral fanfare) and has a fast harp tune at the beginning.

Audio Variants: It was spotted using another stock fanfare on Do Wong (1990) and Return of the Demon (1987).

Availability: Was spotted on The Ultimate Vampire (1991), as well as the two films mentioned above. This company only made these three films.

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