EWS Home Video

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Logo (1989)

Logo starts at 0:55

Visuals: A black-dark blue background fades in. Then,two copies of silver-colored "EWS" set in a futuristic font (a la the Orion Pictures logo, more or less) fly toward each other. The first copy of the "EWS" comes from the top-right corner of the screen zooming in, while the other copy of "EWS", which is a little thinner, flies from the bottom of the screen zooming out. These two copies of "EWS" eventually merge into one silver-colored "EWS", which flashes once. Then, a white horizontal line draws itself left-to-right below the "EWS". The white text "EWS HOME VIDEO", set in a futuristic font (Microgramma), slides downwards from the horizontal line below the "EWS". Afterwards, another white horizontal line draws itself right-to-left below the text, which flashes a second later.

Technique: The copies of "EWS" flying and merging, the lines drawing, the text sliding down, the flashing. [possible misuse]

Audio: A brass-driven fanfare.

Availability: Only found on a VHS of All Dogs Go to Heaven.

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