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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by EA Sports, with more to be added overtime.

FIFA International Soccer (1994, Sega CD): The logo (with a slightly different look) is on a white 3D shield within the opening cinematic.

NHL '96 (1995, DOS): Orange streaks fly by on a black background as the "EA" letters spin around in free space. As they start to come together, red streaks form up "SPORTS" and when they come together, a flash of rays appears briefly before the logo flips in and begins the intro sequence.

FIFA Soccer 96 (1995, SNES/32X): The logo is in 3D, still, and floating over a soccer field at an angle. The "SPORTS" text is also in a Helvetica font.

Madden NFL '96 (1995, unreleased PS1): Over the main skyline intro, each part of the logo flies in, and the slogan, but in a different font, wipes in with burning effects. The logo stays on-screen for several seconds as an EA Sports helicopter comes by and checks it out before flying off. The logo then zooms into the camera via the "O".

NBA Live 96 (1996, PS1/DOS): The logo appears as a neon sign zooming out as clips from NBA games play. The logo eventually fades in, along with "PRESENTS".

Cricket '96 (1996, DOS): The logo is shown over a spotlight.

PGA Tour '97 (1996, PS1): The invisible logo is shown within the game's opening cinematic.

NHL 97 (1996):

  • PC version: A metal place with flames is seen, with the transparent version of the EA Sports logo zooming in. The screen flashes, revealing the logo in its full colors and without flames on the plate.
  • PS1/Saturn version: The screen passes over the moon to reveal the Earth spinning. The planet then burns into a soccer ball, followed by a baseball, a basketball, and then a hockey puck, all while it gets closer to the screen. The hockey puck has the EA Sports logo on its backside, which gains its colors after a second, and then a bright light shines behind it, eventually engulfing the background.

NBA Live 97 (1996): Neon blue lines of a basketball fly in, shaking with afterimages before releasing sparks all over the place. It then turns to static, followed by a black marble background with NBA game clips being played in the background, barely visible. The EA Sports logo emerges from the center, covered in sparks, and bolts form the "ELECTRONIC ARTS" text. "PRESENTS" appears and flies over the logo.

FIFA Soccer Manager (1997): The sequence starts off on a black background. Then the camera pans to the EA Sports logo, while everything is film deteriorated. It warps away when the white text "PRESENTS" appears before that warps away as well.

NASCAR '98 (1997, PS1): The logo is 3D and is on a victory lane. Molly Hatchet's "Flirtin' With Disaster" can also be heard in the background.

Triple Play '98 (1997, PS1): The logo zooms out from a scoreboard over a baseball stadium.

Madden NFL Football (2011; 3DS): The logo starts normal, but then it turns into 3D and then football players tackle the logo.

SSX (2012): The glowing white logo zooms in from an explosion of snowflakes. This is one of the rare variants that doesn't feature the "It's in the game." voiceover.

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