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1st (known) Opening (1995-Summer 2004)

Visuals: This logo follows a similar setup to the 1994 Act III Theatres opening. The screen moves to the right of a city building, revealing a blue hovercar on a road. After a shot of the hovercar's controls, it flies to the right. A first-person shot depicts the hovercar flying past a building with a Coca-Cola Classic billboard and Coca-Cola cup on top, several more buildings, and a Diet Coke billboard. A billboard advertises fresh, hot, delicious Act II popcorn; the car zooms past it and the popcorn falls out of the bucket. The car enters a tunnel, as another billboard promotes an assortment of fresh candy and GKC gift cards. The car exits the tunnel and heads towards a road leading to a large GKC theater, with signs reading "SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT", "Please Note EXITS in Auditoriums.", and "Welcome to GKC THEATRES" at the road's beginning. As the screen zooms to the GKC logo on top, "Let Us Know If We Can Improve Your Movie Going Experience" followed by "NOW YOUR FEATURE PRESENTATION" appear under the logo.

Technique: CGI by SmithGroup Communications.

Audio: A dramatic orchestrated fanfare with space SFX, composed by Cal Scott.

Legacy: SmithGroup largely recycled this sequence for Brenden Theatres' policy trailer some years later.

2nd Opening (Summer 2004-mid 2005)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: After Effects animation incorporating live-action actors and CG Maya elements, directed by Erik Deutschman at DUCK Studios. Melissa Timme, Devin Reeve, and Jason Singleton are the featured actors.

Audio: Unknown

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