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ID (March 23, 2012-)

Visuals: Various idents are used, here are just a few examples:

  • Princess: We start off with a little girl in her bedroom who is looking in a mirror. The mirror begins to glow as pixie dust forms and transforms the girl into a princess. The mirror and the rest of the rooms properties then proceed to float around the room and proceed to transform the house into a palace, complete with palace décor. We then proceed to zoom out of the palace, where the Disney Junior logo is seen in princess attire.
  • Backyard: Outside in a backyard, we see a boy and a girl running around and playing. We then cut to the girl rolling down a hill. As she rolls, pixie dust follows here, turning the entire backyard magical and includes Rapunzel from the movie Tangled rolling with her, with her hair following behind. It then cuts to the girl completely down the hill, with Rapunzel wrapped in her own hair, and the little boy following behind. Finally, we cut to the Disney Junior logo being dragged by Rapunzel's hair into the center.
  • Birthday: On a yellow background, we see many birthday presents popping open as well as confetti dropping and party supplies. The Disney Junior logo letters are seen jumping around and celebrating, as the I with a party hat jumps into the midst. Balloons then float up.
  • Space: We start with a little boy in a storybook-like neighborhood coloring on a spaceship box. The boy proceeds to put a custom helmet on and pretend to fly the spaceship box. When he clicks a button on the box, the scene transforms into a cardboard space, with the boy launching off from a yellow planet. The boy flies around and eventually flies past the Disney Junior logo, seen on a blue moon-like planet.

Technique: Live-action combined with CGI, done by We Are Royale in Los Angeles.

Audio: Depends on the variant. A typical bed usually consists of a majestic orchestral or upbeat rock-like theme, always concluding with the signature 4-note Disney Junior jingle. Composed by David Norland.

Availability: These idents frequently appear during Disney Junior broadcasts worldwide.

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