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Celebration Cinema (formerly also stylized as Celebration! Cinema and formerly known as Loeks Theaters Inc.) is a Western Michigan movie theater chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan owned by John D. Loeks.

1st Logo (2000s-2019?)

Visuals: Unknown.

Trivia: This was designed by Wonderkind Studios and Rule29 Creative.

Variant: Unknown.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare along with the sounds of fireworks.

Availability: It was seen in Celebration! Cinema theaters. The normal variant, once uploaded to YouTube, now seems to be lost, but the Midnight Movies variant can be found on Vimeo.

2nd Logo (2019?-)

Visuals: An animation to fit with the season, Unknown, Fall one involves an animation of a stylized tree and Winter reportedly involves a snowflake. The animation leaves a red square. The square draws a line down, then stretches to form a rectangle across with a white triangle inside. The triangle opens like the curtains of a theater leaving the rectangle white. A red letter "C" draws itself in near the bottom left corner of the rectangle. Red letters pop in underneath, "c", "n", and "m" first, then other following until the text reads "cinema". The gray byline "BY STUDIO C" pops in under "cinema" shortly after. The logo fades to white as the text "PRESENTED BY" blurs in from the sides (slightly similar to Rogue, but far calmer) John D Loek's signature writes itself underneath in a cursive font.

Trivia: Like the previous logo, this was designed by Rule29.

Variant: A short version exists that starts at the red square.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: "Hearing" by Sleeping At Last.

Availability: Seen in Celebration Cinema theaters. The seasonal versions don't seem to be online, so you must go to the theater yourself. The short version is on Rule29's Vimeo page.

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