Dickinson Theatres

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Dickinson Theatres was an American movie theater chain based in Overland Park, Kansas. It was founded on November 1920 in Manhattan Kansas by Glen W. Dickinson after leaving his family business to purchase a small theater, renaming it to The Dickinson Marshall Theatre. Over several decades, the chain expanded to several theatres across many states with owners being passed to others in the family. In October 2014, B&B Theatres purchased the chain and rebranded them into the B&B name.

1st Logo (1993-1996)

Visuals: On a space background with searchlights moving, a silver disk with stars floats into the screen, transforming into a roll of film once at the center. The film shoots out blue, magenta, and orange light rays while rotating to the right. After the lights leave, a white light ray shoots through the film, forming a 3D "D". Another light ray turns the letter into a different color, this gold. At the same time, "DICKINSON THEATRES" appears and shines before "OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION" wipes in underneath. The logo fades out and then the background itself.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: A dreamy and majestic fanfare with an emphasis on drums and synthesizer music. Some of these drum beats sync with the "D"'s transformation.

Availability: Was used as a feature presentation bumper before films from this period within Dickinson Theatres such as Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Batman Forever, Independence Day, and Star Wars: The Special Edition, among other films.

2nd Logo (1995)

Visuals: A large rotating film roll is lying down against a cubic sky background with a light spark floating around, twirling around and forming "75th". As the film roll is spinning, "Anniversary" is revealed from the right. The text and the roll are then seen landing on a shiny version of the "D" from the last logo with multi-colored lights coming out of its holes. Then, light dust floats in and forms "DICKINSON THEATRES" on both sides of the letter. The screen zooms out, revealing the background to be a diamond within another gem while fireworks go off.

Technique: CGI animation, produced by Willming Reams Animation.

Audio: Drum rolls at the beginning, whooshes when the light burst twirls, and a triumphant synthesizer fanfare for the second half, ending with fireworks going off.

3rd Logo (1996-2000s)

Visuals: Starting off on a blue-cyan gradient background, multiple ice cubes scroll up on the left. Panning upwards while passing by soda falling down, we then see a glacier at a nighttime setting, flying past the terrain and eventually reaching the Coca-Cola logo. The screen flips and then shows a red-striped straw and then a field of popcorn. Several of them are seen popping out of the ground. Next, the screen flies through a brown mountain terrain with some lightning strikes in the background. Passing by a few mountains is several candy boxes showing the Butterfinger, Crunch, and Goober logos. After passing by them, a large mountain is seen from the distance and after getting close enough to its surface, lightning forms the orange text "THOU SHALT NOT TALK DURING THE MOVIE", then Pitch In with a trash can underneath, and two more lines of text before the surface explodes and sends the audience into a vortex. A space background is then shown with asteroids flying towards the screen, all of which are passing by. From the distance, "DICKINSON THEATRES" with the same "D" from the last logos trails in with the trail turning into a light burst, disappearing when the logo freezes.

Technique: CGI animation by SmithGroup Communications.

Audio: A tribal woodwind soundtrack accompanied with peaceful ambience sound in the first half that becomes more upbeat later on. Various sound effects to go alongside the animation such as lightning when the rules are displayed on the mountain. Composed by Cal Scott.

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