Diamond Jade Films

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Jade Star Films

Logo (1992)

Visuals: Just the glowing text "JADE STAR" in a blue-light blue gradient with a white shade next to it, the text stops glowing while the text "FILMS" fades in beneath it, all on a black background.

Technique: A still printed graphic.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Appears on Sgt. Lando Liwanag and Vengador: Batas ng Api.

Diamond Jade Films

1st Logo (1994)

Visuals: Just the company's name within the first letters are capitalized, beneath it is "PRESENTS", all in yellow.

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

2nd Logo (Mid 1990's)

Visuals: There is a blue cloth which appears to be behind of a red cloth, containing a diamond, which appears to look like a pearl, and a film reel. The first 3 letters of the company's name glows each other while the background fades and turns into a black background, with the text of the company's names in blue, green and red on an Broadway Engraved font.

Technique: Live-action and effects.

Audio: Triumphant fanfare with drum beats and some dark sounds. Sometimes, the opening theme is heard.

Availability: This is known to appear on Hatulan: Bilibid Boys 2 and Tatlong anak isang ama.

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