Deraco Productions

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Deraco Productions is a Lagos-based company founded on October 27, 2000. On July 30, 2008, Edwin Oragwam, the owner of the company, fled his post after being wanted by the police for piracy.

Logo (2002-2008)

Visuals: The sequence starts off with the opening sequence of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, particularly starting with the Future War scene. Here, the logo skips through a few long panning sequences from the shot of the barbed fence to the wide shot of the field of skeletons to a shot of one of the skulls getting crushed. Until the text appears, the scene changes colors in a rainbow-colored sequence. Once we reach the head of a T-800 terminator, the 3D, bronze text "DERACO" appears from the right and scrolls to the left. The Terminator 2 scene plays normally until the "C" appears, suddenly stuttering before fading to a generic space background, along with the scrolling text. Within this new shot, the same text, now more further away from the screen, scrolls from the left while the bottom, silver text "PRODUCTIONS LTD." slides from the bottom while decreasing in depth.

Technique: CGI and footage from Terminator 2.

Audio: Stitched sounds from the Terminator 2 scene. When the text appears, the Carolco Pictures theme starts playing only for the synthesized notes to be repeated for the rest of the logo. Then, the second half of the Dolby Digital "Egypt" trailer plays when the space background fades in.

Availability: It was seen on several films they have produced throughout their lifespan such as Battle Line 2, Heaven's Grace, and My Darling Princess. Not all of their films have this logo as they would go straight to the opening scene or credits.

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