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This is the production company of television writer, producer, and former attorney, David E. Kelley.

1st Logo (September 18, 1992-June 26, 1996)

Visuals: On a dark red background, there is the text "Kelley" in a white underlined paintbrush script. Shown above and below respectively are "DAVID E." and "PRODUCTIONS" in small letters surrounded by black bars.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: The closing theme of the show or a generic theme starting in 1994.

Availability: It's seen on various shows produced by Kelley from 1992-1996, such as Picket Fences and Chicago Hope.

2nd Logo (September 16, 1996-October 13, 2016)

Visuals: In a dark room, an old woman is seen sitting on a rocking chair and watching TV. She pulls out a remote, changes the channel and then looks at the camera, but as that happens, the TV bulges slightly. The text "David E. Kelley productions", with "productions" being below "David E." and at the upper right corner of "Kelley", burst out of the television and move toward the center of the screen. In the process, the text knocks the woman and the chair over. Once the text settles in place, "in association with" fades in at the bottom of the screen. The woman's legs then dangle off the chair, as the logo then disappears in a "switch-off" fashion.


  • The old woman (including the woman's soundbite) in the logo is Mildred Kelley, David E. Kelley's late grandmother.
  • It's possible that this logo was animated by 3dBob Productions, given that it appears on a 2000's demo reel.

Variants: Two alternate variants exist, both of which first appeared in 2002:

  • Hockey: The old woman is playing hockey inside the room. A boy then rushes in behind the woman and hits her with the stick, causing her to fall over. As the woman's legs dangle in a similar manner as the normal variant, the boy proceeds to hit the hockey puck directly towards the screen. The screen then "cracks" as the text from before is seen on the puck.
  • Hockey II: A continuation of the variant above: The boy from before is celebrating. Suddenly, the old woman slides in from the left side and runs into the boy, who drops the hockey stick. In addition, his helmet comes off of his head, bounces once on the floor, and presumably attaches to an off-screen object. We now see an up-close view of the inside of the helmet. The text is shown inside, as the helmet rocks back and forth.

Other Variants:

  • In the logo's early years (1996-1999), the logo was animated differently. The changes are the old woman's legs dangling a little, and the text flying smoothly.
  • In the logo's early and later years, the "in association with" text is removed.
  • A short version exists on The Crazy Ones.

Technique: A mix of live-action and cut-out computer animation.

Audio: A split-second of the Picket Fences theme is heard, followed by a whoosh and crashing sounds. At the end, the lady is heard yelling "You stinkah!" and a brief "pop" is heard when the logo disappears.

Audio Variants:

  • Often times, the sound effects are either mixed with generic themes or drowned out with network announcements on ABC and CBS. When Ally McBeal aired on Fox, the musical backdrop was a snippet of the show's theme, "Searchin' My Soul" by Vonda Shepard, followed by a Fox drumroll (from Seasons 1-4) or a piano rendition of the Fox fanfare's final four notes (from Season 5). The latter is also heard on the short-lived Girls Club.
  • On The Crazy Ones, it's just the whoosh sound.

Availability: Seen on The Practice, Boston Public, Boston Legal (which has all three versions), Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope, Harry's Law (which also has all 3 versions), The Crazy Ones, the first season of Goliath on Amazon, and the unaired television pilot of Wonder Woman, as well as the unaired television pilots of Legally Mad and Hailey's Comet.

Legacy: This logo has been seen as memorable among fans of David E. Kelley's shows.

3rd Logo (February 19, 2017-)

Visuals: Over a black background is the stacked name "DAVID E KELLEY" with some letters stretched vertically. Under the company name is "PRODUCTIONS" in between two orange lines. On the bottom of the screen are seven curved gray lines.


  • Sometimes, the logo appears on a white background.
  • Starting in 2020, the standard logo was given a bevel effect, made brighter and "PRODUCTIONS" is now in blue. It is also much larger than usual.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of the show or none.

Availability: Seen on Big Little Lies, Goliath starting with season 2, Mr. Mercedes, Big Sky, The Undoing, Big Shot, Nine Perfect Strangers, the series adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer, and The Calling.

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