Daum Media

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Logo (Early 2000s)

Visuals: There is a CD spinning 90 degrees to face forward against a black background. The CD rapidly spins in all directions and zooms away from us as a space background fades in with many asteroids and meteors passing by. The CD then rapidly reaches towards the viewer and it transitions to another space background where we see planets varying in size along with a bright star at a far distance. The rapidly spinning CD appears from the right portion of the screen and travels to the beige planet, which makes contact with it, causing a huge shockwave to occur. The shockwave dissipates, which causes a ring to form around the planet. Once the ring is fully formed, The planet morphs itself into a spinning silver "D". The ring shrinks and rotates 45 degrees as the spinning D places itself onto the top left corner of the screen. The ring also becomes an orbit where 2 metallic spheres are seen orbiting around the "D", forming a revolution. a blue squiggle appears right next to the "D" and stretches to form the 3D letters "AUM", which glows for a bit, along with the space background fading away in unison. This is then followed by another squiggle forming the company's name "DAUM MEDIA" in blue, which changes its color to light blue. The company's name rotates to reveal the Korean translation of the company, along with the spheres on the orbit disappearing and the "D" stops spinning simultaneously.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An ominous whooshing synth at the beginning, followed by another synth drone while the "D" reveals, continued by other synth chimes.

Availability: This was seen in their release of the 1974 American crime film Buster and Billie.

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