Dark Castle Entertainment/Trailer Variations

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

The Reaping (2007):

  • On the international trailer, the logo is in a puddle of blood, making the logo appear slightly distorted.

Whiteout (2009):
  • The logo is tinted in light blue and put on a stone background. Also, it is snowing on the logo.

Orphan (2009):
  • The logo is 3D, tinted in cyan and surrounded by small blue and pink bubbles.

Ninja Assassin (2009):
  • On the TV spot, the logo is tinted in light red along with the other logos.

The Losers (2010):
  • The logo is white, red, and yellow on a black background and there are no clouds.

On another trailer, the logo shares the screen with the other logos.

Splice (2010):
  • The logo is dark green and put upon a green DNA background along with the Warner Bros. logo.

Unknown (2011):
  • Similar to the Ninja Assassin film variant, but darker and slightly contrasted.

On the TV spots, both logos are in a cyan-gray color.


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