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DanTDM, formerly known as The Diamond Minecart, hence the TDM part, is a British gaming YouTube channel run by Daniel Robert Middleton.

Logo (7 December 2015-2 January 2017)

Visuals: Superimposed over the start of the video, a white dot appears, then it grows before a baby blue ring starts going around it. Then suddenly, the circle and ring switch colours as another blue ring starts going around. Then white lines appear over the logo as it gets bigger. than two grey diamond outlines appear and get bigger and thinner behind the logo. As the diamonds get bigger, the white lines wipe away as three diagonal white lines wipe over the logo and wipe away then the white ring disappears as the circle grows. Then the circle becomes a ring as another baby blue circle appears with a white border, as this happens, the logo becomes letterboxed. Then the ring disappears as the letters "DANTDM" fly out from the bottom of the logo as a stylized diamond appears by appearing piece-by-piece over the circle as it shrinks. The words come together down below. Finally, the logo zooms and shrinks a few times before the black bars disappear and the logo fades out.

Technique: Likely Adobe Premiere Pro animation.

Audio: Press Start by MDK.

Availability: Made its debut appearance on Minecraft | CHRISTMAS PRESENTS OPENING!! and its final appearance on THE SECRET TO GEOMETRY DASH?!. The intro may be omitted in some videos, most prominently announcement videos.

Legacy: This is a well-known and cherished logo within the gaming community, especially for kids who grew up with it.

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