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D Productions is the in-house production studio of Kanal D, a nationwide television channel launched in September 16, 1993. It was originally founded in 1992 as ANS International.

ANS Productions

1st Logo(?) (1992-unknown retirement year)

We do not have the original ANS International logo nor any indicators as to what the logo could be. But this could be a solid guess. Not just by it's name but also by the country of origin, and by the appearances this logo has been made (as the logo was used on "Kanıt", a Turkish TV Show focusing on forensic science which aired on Kanal D).

Visuals: There is a sea grey rounded rectangle with a white rectangle inside the rounded rectangle which has "ans" written on it with the registered trademark symbol being on the right-hand side of the "s". Below the box, there are four abstract people. There are also three "dots" on each opposite side.

Availability: Seen on most ANS productions and trailers.

D Productions

1st Logo (2004-April 2011)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the D Productions logo (which is the Kanal D logo with a red globe) is on the center of the screen in an oversaturated state obfuscated by the rays. The rays sweep from left to right and words start to cascade across the screen. After the rays have reached the right side of the screen, the rays shorten and the logo retains it's original colors and starts to go into the left side of the screen while shrinking while the "pr--ctions"" text also sweeping rays although much quicker. The red Kanal D logo fits in the "-od-" part of the "productions" text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A gated pad and two whooshes which the last one results in a reverberated tail.

Availability: Seen on older D Productions shows.

2nd Logo (April 2011-)

Visuals: The spinning Kanal D logo from Kanal D Home Video logo appears on this logo as well. The logo starts to center itself and back up. Behind it, there is a trail of the D Productions logo. As the logo tries to place itself in the same place as the red Kanal D logo, it fades out, and the trails following suit. After the final version of the logo can be seen, a white light gradually starts to light up, mimicking Kanal D's old idents' backgrounds from 1993. At the end, the logo has a light streak.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Two synth pads, a 4-note melody consisting of the notes F, E, C, and G, and windchime sounds.

Availability: As this logo appears on more recent shows from them and is currently used.

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