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Logo (2002-November 1, 2005)

Visuals: On a black background with a blue light, there is a disc spinning and getting hit by a thunder two times. Above the disc, there's written:

"Video Compression and DVD Authoring by"

while below

DVD Rite
Los Angeles, CA • 800-266•8273

The address fades below the name while expanding. At the end, the disc breaks into pieces that fly through the screen and leave just the blue light.

Technique: CGI done using Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

Audio: A sound of 2 thunder claps, and glass smashing when the disc explodes.

Availability: Seen on a 2005 Highland Entertainment DVD of Exposing the Da Vinci Code and a 2002 Sorcery Music International DVD of Sorcery in Concert.

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