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ID (March 1, 2024-)

Visuals: The ident starts on a black background where two dots, one red and the other white pop in on the right section of the screen, followed by the right half of a bordered circle. Playing simultaneously with the former sequence is the outline of a "D" following a filled in, miniscule version of said letter scrolling to the left until it reaches the "D"'s stem. The sequence changes to two red dots of varying sizes on the right, the bordered "D" overlapping with a thick, typing in "life" and a barely visible, smaller "D" scrolling on the left side of the screen. A larger red circle choppily and swiftly expands from the center as both the text and transparent "D" animate and covers the background in said color where the left, smaller red circle is absorbed, the right becomes a white bordered version of itself, and the solid "D" is black. Afterwards, all animated objects except for the large, bordered "D" disappear to display a montage of various crime and political dramas (some of the selection include Alert: Missing Persons Unit and Madam Secretary). In response, the "D" moves away by transforming into a red dot, half a white bordered circle, and a white dot with no transition before leaving the screen entirely. The montage continues to play even when the same animation sequence from earlier plays later on without the black background.

Technique: Live-action for the TV show clips and flash animation for the logo animation.

Audio: An upbeat, lofi soundtrack with a single female chorus and sound effects such as a door and gavel banging in sync with the music.

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