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DIC Video was the home video imprint of DIC Entertainment, originally created as part of a partnership between DIC and Golden Book Video. In addition to this, the label was also used for Kids Klassics releases and for self-distribution for mail-order.

The last release under the imprint was A Hollywood Hounds Christmas in 1994, around the same time its follow-up label - DIC Toon-Time Video, was created.

1st Logo (1987-1989)

Visuals: On a black/purple gradient background, there is the word "DiC" in its standard font. Below it is the word "VIDEO" sandwiched between two white lines. A constellation is above the whole thing.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: It appears on early Heathcliff releases from Golden Book Video, such as "Heathcliff's Mom".

2nd Logo (1987-1989)

Visuals: Same as the warp-speed version of the 1987 DIC logo, but after the logo finishes, the video freezes as "PRESENTS" quickly appears below letter by letter, in Helvetica (or Arial).

Variants: 1987 tapes used the version of the logo with the "TM" symbol, while "PRESENTS" wiped itself from the right.

Technique: Same as its TV counterpart by Homer & Associates, with the logo's animation done by Peter Conn, along with chyroned text animation.

Audio: A brief gust of wind, followed by an echoing series of two keyboard synth notes, played in warp-speed (not unlike the then-current warp-speed version of the DIC logo), composed by Shuki Levy. Sometimes, the choir variant is used (preserving the Coca-Cola Telecommunications tune when "PRESENTS" wipes itself down).

Availability: It appears on several Golden Book Video releases such as later Heathcliff releases, StarCom, Sylvanian Families, Beverly Hills Teens and The New Archies.

DIC Video
DIC Toon-Time Video
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