D&S International

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Logo (1980s)

Visuals: On a swirly background loop (excerpted from Ron Hays Music Image - Odyssey), there is the D&S International logo, consisting of a red and a blue figure (the colors easily matching their Korean heritage), forming the illusion of a D, and, with the open space between the figures, an S. Below it is:


After about 9 seconds, the screen cuts to an orange background where we see what seems to be a certification seal on the left side of the screen, saying "ONLY D&S" (in green), and below it, "VIDEO" (in Korea's flag colors (with the exception of the "D", which seems to be plain gray)). Below that is a white piece of text (which can not be translated at the moment due to the low quality of the video containing the logo). Below the text is the D&S logo, and below that is "D&S INTERNATIONAL". On the right side of the screen is:

취급점 마크가
부착된 집에서만
대여할수 있습니다

Technique: Chyron animation.

Audio: A 70's style disco tune that ends abruptly ("Amor Amor" by Franck Pourcel).

Availability: It is unknown what tapes this distributor has released for now. [Examples?]

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