Creative Asylum

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Creative Asylum Limited was a design studio founded in 1998 in the United Kingdom by former EuroPress employees Nolan Worthington and Gary Switzer. It was comprised of one project manager, two programmers and four artists. The company closed in 2003 due to a cancelled PlayStation 2 and GameCube project, and difficulty in securing new work faced by a small team in the industry climate of its time.

Logo (October 31, 2000)

Visuals: The sequence starts off on a black background. The screen then zooms out through the black bars of a jail cell, designed to look like that of an asylum's. When the camera zooms out through the doorway, it slams shut and locks all by itself. The logo zooms to the sign on the door, which consists of the word, "CReATiVe" under the word, "ASYLUM" in a grungy impact font, thus spelling "Creative Asylum."

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The sound of wind quietly blowing plays as the camera zooms through the cell. A metallic bang plays when the door slams itself. Quiet western music that sounds like it's played on a radio accompanies footsteps when the camera zooms into the sign.

Availability: Seen only on PAC-MAN: Adventures in Time, which is the only known game the company has worked on.

Legacy: The door slamming shut bears a striking resemblance to the door slam of Ghost House.

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