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Logo (1970s)

Visuals: On a tan background, three red warped shapes are seen morphing around the screen. The shapes transform into the Cortel logo, which are two indigo semi-circles enclosing "CORTEL" with a rounded rectangle on the left having its right side sliced off in a circle. Once the animation stops, a warped, white object rises from the bottom of the screen. During this, the rounded rectangle slides away from view, and the logo turns either red or blue, warping and morphing into a spinning tunnel, as the white object unfolds itself appearing to be the Corporate Television credit in the middle.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Audio: An arpeggiating synth piano, followed by a 2-note warbling synth and another arpeggiating synth piano.

Availability: The Hawthorne version can be seen on The Copper Fight, with the Western Electric version being unknown, as it was spotted in a split-second on one of Dolphin Productions' demo reels.

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