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Logo (1970s)


  • Opening: On a tan background, three red warped shapes are seen morphing around the screen. The shapes transform into the Cortel logo, which are two indigo semi-circles enclosing "CORTEL" with a rounded rectangle on the left having its right side sliced off in a circle. Once the animation stops, a warped, white object rises from the bottom of the screen. During this, the rounded rectangle slides away from view, and the logo turns either red or blue, warping and morphing into a spinning tunnel, as the white object unfolds itself appearing to be the Corporate Television credit in the middle.
  • Closing: Starting with the end result of the opening, the Corporate Television credit zooms out into the tunnel as it reverts back into the Cortel logo forms back up in reverse from the opening, but in blue and on a black background. The circle part of the logo then zooms out as the rounded rectangle slides back out, and the Bell System logo zooms in dark blue, with the background turning back to tan.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Audio: An arpeggiating synth piano, followed by a 2-note warbling synth and another arpeggiating synth piano. The closing has a added warbling synth drone, with the arpeggiating synth piano following suit, and then a descending 4-note piano ditty when the Bell System logo zooms in.

Availability: The Hawthorne version can be seen on The Copper Fight, with the Western Electric version being unknown, as it was spotted in a split-second on one of Dolphin Productions' demo reels.

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