Coreminds Films

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Coreminds Films is a Filipino supportive movie production company based in Manila, Philippines.

Logo (November 13, 2019)

Visuals: It's only just a still photo shot of the latter movie company's logo itself, but even though we see the CoreMinds logo in where it consists with animated sketched drawings of purple outlined seaweed plant stems/strands that's going across each of those from one to another, followed by a bunch handful of animated purple-eyed peepholes being placed inside them as formed by the design of the logo itself. Also is the capitalized purple text that reads the following:


shown in the style of the Kahoot website logo's font, appearing a little bit closely enough on the bottom middle section above of the customized design of the brain in the said film company's logo.

Technique: A still, graphic image.

Audio: It's the opening theme of the movie/or film's intro.

Availability: Only seen on the film The Art of Ligaw.

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