Contacto Video

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Logo (1980s?)

Visuals: On a black background is a silver borderline square with rounded edges with red, blue and yellow. Inside the square, a pale orange filmstrip forms and as this happens it eventually tilts upwards with green underneath it. It makes a shape of a "V". As this happens a green "C" slowly moves down. When it meets the "V", they sparkle two times, then "CONTACTO VIDEO" (in sliver) quickly form in pieces flying in from the left and right appear below the square, then red pieces come in from the left and right, changing the color of the company name to red yellow and green. Like the other Colombian companies, it is also part of a montage. The logo shrinks to the upper-left of the screen with the other logo from the company that produced the movie in the lower-right. Then it goes to the warning screen.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A new-age synth rock theme ("The Ultimate V.1" by Christopher Blackwell off the album Destiny (DWLP 3582) from De Wolfe Music Library) that plays through the warning. A male announcer says, "Contacto Video, an image that satisfies all the alternatives." in Spanish.

Availability: Seen on Colombian tapes of films such as Critters and The Blob.

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