Conspiracy Of Fire Cells

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Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς (English: Conspiracy of Fire Cells, aka. Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei) or SPF is a Greek terrorist organisation active since 2008. They are infamous for a series of bombings in Greece and the Netherlands.

Bumper (2013)

Visuals: Black and white footage shows a molotov cocktail being thrown towards the Earth and erupting into flame, which is abruptly cut off by the Conspiracy of Fire Cells logo, which consists of five arrows on a semi circle pointing into the centre, and the group's name in curved text opposite of the arrows, beneath the text is a star, with a capital "A" for anarchy, zooming towards the screen.

Variants: There is a variant featuring a Phoenix to represent the "Phoenix Plan".

Technique: Stock footage with computer animation.

Audio: None or the music of the video.

Availability: Seen on "Phoenix Plan 2013"

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