Consorzio Italiano Distributori Indipendenti Film

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1st Logo (December 3, 1963-March 10, 1967, March 22, 1973-November 16, 1979)

Visuals: Over a gray (or blue, starting in 1967) background, a darker gray (or yellow) bullseye target appears on the left. Five circles with a letter inside appear in the bullseye in each order: "c", "i", "d", "i", and "f". The words in Italian appear on the right,


The words disappear via wipe transition and the word "presenta" appears.


  • On Even Angels Eat Beans, it immediately proceeds to the word "presenta" fading in after the letters/gunshots stop appearing.
  • On La Patata Bollente, the background is a brighter blue and the target along with the text are in white.

Technique: Cel-animation.

Audio: Five gunshots, one for each time the letters appear, and then the signature theme of the Titanus logo.

Audio Variants:

  • On Even Angels Eat Beans, six gunshots that correspond to the target and letters appearing are heard before heading to silence.
  • On La Patata Bollente, it's silent.

Availability: So far, it appeared on Outlaws of Love (its first appearance), a 1960's reprint of ¡Que viva México!, Even Angels Eat Beans, Requiescant, and La Patata Bollente.

2nd Logo (December 21, 1967)

Visuals: Essentially a print version of the "cidif" target in white with "PRESENTA" also in white underneath against a red background.

Technique: A still image.

Audio: The film's opening theme.

Availability: So far, it's only known to appear in Day of Anger.

3rd Logo (March 3, 1982-October 28, 1983)

Visuals: On a green background, the same target but in pink zooms in, shortly stopping after a few seconds. The ring then disappears while rotating counter-clockwise for a thick, red "C" with the other half cut off to appear in front of the screen and zoom in to the center. This is followed by "IDIF" in red performing the same motion, sitting beside the thick "C" one by one, whereas 2 rings resembling the same target used in the previous logos, albeit in dark blue, forming the newer "CIDIF" symbol. Then, "Consorzio Italiano Distributori Indipendenti Film" in pink wipes in below the symbol, and stays static for a few seconds. It then abruptly disappears, where lastly, "presenta" in pink starts to write in at the bottom-right corner in a script font.

Technique: Cel-animation.

Audio: A somewhat dramatic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Seen in Cercasi Gesù and Il petomane.

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