Company of Kids

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Company of Kids was a Dutch DVD label that distributed movies from Fox Kids.

Logo (Mid 2000s)

Visuals: First, there is a 4-rectangular half-purple, half-light-blue grid, with the above left corner being bigger than the rest, showing the name "company of kids", while a rain-effect is achieved on screen. a light shines in the "i" and then the title fades, followed by a warning message. After the warning, there is a fading-in of a grid composed of six colored rectangles. It zooms in on that grid and the logo gets juxtaposed on it while a water effect is used. A light shines by and the screen goes to the sides, showing the label's name. After it, there are rainbow-colored splatters followed by black splatters.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The music starts with a calming electronic/new age music piece with drones during the warning, followed by a stock ascending electronic stinger composed by Mike Hooker (which the Advanced Media Post and WTVI logos use).

Availability: Can be seen on quite a few DVD's in the Netherlands, but as of yet only seems to have appeared on a DVD with their animated hits in Germany. Unless you are Dutch, advanced searching may be required to track them down.

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